UChain ICO Review

Uchain is the first public infrastructure blockchain specially designed for the global sharing economy. Using Uchain , all sharing enterprises can build their dapps & issue their tokens. (Sharing enterprises are huge think Uber and Airbnb!). Transaction speed is 1000tbps. Locking up your Uchain tokens will get you UCP. UCP is voting power (kinda like  Steem Power). UCP is not tradeable.
The company behind UChain is U-bicycle, a ride sharing app with 500,00 bicycles operating in 5 countries and 40 cities, it has 30 million users , 180 million rides via the app , 300 employees.
Ian Yu (CEO): Founder and CEO of U-bicycle
Qianhao Zhou: CTO  at U-bicycle, Software engineer at ebay
Chris Tao: Microsoft
Jason Wu: Senior Dev engineer at IBM China
The also have the CEO of Redpulse(RPX) as an advisor and are in Partnership with Ali-Pay(Payment processor of Alibaba).
Token Metrics
-$25,300,000 hard cap
– Token allocation: 40% token sale, 35% UChain ecosystem,  15% team and 10% reserve.
– Private pre-sale: 50% discount (6month lock up)
– Pre Sale: 15% discount(3month lock up)
– Crowd sale:No discount
20,000 + members on telegram, a lot of community hype due to partnerships and advisors.
Clearly defined roadmap. Very strong partnerships both institutional (Ledger Capital, AliPay) and Industry (CEO of RPX). Presale tokens locked up so no initial dump on lisiting.
  • Doesn’t have prototype out yet.
  • Team has no blockchain experience





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