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What is BazaarCoin (XBZ)?

XBZ provides you option of an all in one ecosystem where you can buy or sell physical items with the benefits of an unbiased ICO review platform and a forum for cryptocurrency enthusiasts like you.

All In One Integrated Ecosystem


A common solution for buyers and sellers


A place for crypto enthusiasts

ICO Reviews

An unbiased platform for people

Buy and Sell what you want

We provide a common medium for buyers and sellers.  A marketplace utilizing primarily cryptocurrency in the clear web. Use XBZ for the product you want buy and the seller will accept it.

Unbiased ICO Reviews

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. You may have seen different content for a same ICO review. We provide you a platform where you people can see honest ICO reviews.


There are no good enough forums for discussion about cryptocurrency.So we provide you a platform for crypto discussion.Anyone can have a basic crypto knowledge via our forum.One can get rewards for posting on a forum.

Why choose us?

We provide you a common platform for multipurpose integrated exchange so won’t need to go to various sites. Everything offered over here”

We are the first e-market place facilitating buying and selling of goods only with cryptocurrency. If the amazons , flipkarts and ebays of the world can’t recognise the potential of cryptocurrency , we will gladly fill that void. This $400 billion dollar industry still in its nascent stage , on the cusp of mass adoption , what is lacking is just medium where the cryptocurrency can be spent and that is where look to come in . Long live the blockchain, lets decentralise the world!

How to buy XBZ?

You are just few clicks away….

How it all started....

Got CryptoBazaar Idea

Website Construction

  • Completed with bare bones design of website with the various sub-portions of the website such as Forum , ICO review section, cryptocurrency marketplace. Setted up the server and configured the front-end of site.
Inauguration Of Forum

  • Backend work of our full-fledged community forum with user roles and badges. Completed the forum with all sections and sub sections. Inauguration of the forum.
Birth Of XBZ

  • Initialised the process of creating our own cryptocurrency with its own ICO and funds from the ICO will be used to power the further development of this project. Started the creation of the cryptocurrency white paper.
Token Sale

  • Started with the pre-sale of our own cryptocurrency token

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