Airbloc ICO review

-They have a proof of concept app/airdrop for Android users.
(If you are an Android user go download the app , for a free airdrop of 40 tokens!)
  • Airbloc is a decentralized personal data protocol where individuals would be able to monetize their data and advertisers would be able to buy the data to conduct targeted marketing campaigns for higher ROI’s.
The data market as it is dominatally controlled by centralized services that aggregate data and sell them to other enterprises to generate huge revenues (In fact this is where facebook and other social media websites make the bulk of their revenue) and neither fair rewards nor data ownership is granted to individuals who are the original data source.
Because there are no existing markets for apps to sell personal data,apps rely on the sales of data through illegal means.
– Dauth Protocol: approval system that seeks permission from users to allow apps to monetize their data on their behalf. Data like, installed app list, location data , app usage time etc. Through Dauth you can earn money from this and rewards are distributed on a smart contract.
  • ABL Token: Enterprises can buy data with tokens. Users and apps are rewarded with ABL tokens.
  • Data Marketplace: Personal data collected will be sold on the airbloc data marketplace and enterprises would be able to buy.
  • Data Campaigns: Aside from personal data collected from Airbloc App and Dauth, enterprises can also initiate data campaigns to collect more granular data from an user.
Backed by Ab180 (its a big data analytics firm, one Korea’s top digital advertising companies which services over 300 enterprises including E-bay Korea,GS shop and Woowa brothers)
-Team members are also from Ab180
– Experience such as Google , LINE, Naver ,Software Maestro, WeMakePiece.
  • JH Kim: part of the ICON foundation
  • Sungjae Hwang: CEO of Foundation (Korea’s rising blockchain VC funds & accelerator)
  • Dorjee Sur: Advisor for Republic protocol & Quadrant Protocol
Token Metrics
Hardcap: $10.5 million ($4.3million already raised). Private sale 45% discount and lock up for 30 days . 1st and 2nd Presale (15% discount) {No discount for crowdsale}. No lockup on Presale discount. 38% tokens to be distributed through token sales.
There are 13,000+ member on telegram and growing fast, 2nd pre-sale oversubscribed by 14x.
Idea is solid , has a real life use and utility and will break monopoly on centralized firms.  Team advisors and venture capitalists and partnerships are solid and relevant to the space. A lot of Hype and is from Korea which is probably the most blockchain friendly country on the planet. Already has the app installed on 2/3rd of Korean android users (amounting to approx 40 million users)
Team doesn’t have blockchain experience. Roadmap pretty bland.
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