AERGO ICO Review And Token Analysis

AERGO ICO Overview

The AERGO ICO is offering the AERGO token to raise funds for a highly scalable, enterprise-ready blockchain platform and native protocol. The AERGO platform enables enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy their own blockchain applications within the cloud.

The platform offers the possibility for developers to customize their blockchain and dApps on both permissioned and permissionless chains. Developers can choose to deploy public and private chains alone or a configuration that integrates both.

Beyond a standalone protocol, AERGO includes a feature-rich middleware layer to help simplify connection with legacy enterprise software.

AERGO ICO Value Proposition

AERGO evisages a new era of mass market blockchain usage via combining the capabilities of both public and private blockchain into one solution. AERGO gives enterprise developers flexibility when designing an application for any given use case scenario by accommodating the differing characteristics private and public blockchain implementations offer.

The AERGO ICO aims to launch a product that will provide:

a. an advanced, accessible solution for software developers

b. a secure and fast blockchain cloud architecture that accommodates public and private chains

c. an open ecosystem for third parties and businesses to connect and engage with each other.

Through parent company Blocko, which offers a private blockchain product for enterprises, AERGO is designed to address specific roadblocks to utilization of blockchain technology by businesses, which include difficulties with IT integration, software development and interoperability.

To this end, the AERGO ICO proposes a smart contract platform that supports SQL and common script languages to hasten both adoption and integration. To further streamline integration, secure cloud-hosting over a distributed network is leveraged to alleviate the overhead costs of hosting physical infrastructure to run blockchain protocols and dApps.

The AERGO Platform has three main components:

AERGO Chain – a blockchain protocol designed to mitigate issues that stifle enterprise usage of permissionless networks. The chain will consist of a public, decentralized network of blockchains run by node providers. AERGO Chain utilizes a deterministic Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm.

AERGO Hub – a blockchain hosting service that acts as a the public interface for building, testing, deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain. The Hub includes tools and supporting services to support the growth of the protocol, such as a smart oracle, serverless DB and content delivery network.

AERGO Marketplace – AERGO Marketplace aims to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets. Examples of computing assets offered on the marketplace will include storage, computing power and algorithms. The AERGO Marketplace will be accessible via the AERGO Hub public interface.

The AERGO Token is the utility token of the AERGO platform and serves as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem. The token will be utilized for smart contracts, the DPoS consensus algorithm, and as a payment method for Hub services, technical support, computing assets on the marketplace, etc.


The AERGO team derives from parent company Blocko. There are currently 10 core engineers on the tech end and 5 team members working on business development and marketing efforts. Parent company Blocko has 48 employees, approximately 70% of whom are developers. The complete list of the team and advisors for the AERGO ICO can be found here.

Phil Zamani is currently COO of Blocko. He has held a series of high level tech positions throughout his career, including Global VP of Sales and BD for Internet Embedded Linux Appliances with Redhat Inc., Global Head of Big Data and Cloud Business Models with Santander, and Senior VP of Cloud Business Unit with Deutsche Telekom. He has 20 years of experience with open source and cloud-based software technology.

Hun Young Park has served for the past 2 years as CTO of Blocko. He brings 11 years of experience as a senior software engineer to the project with a focus on developing databases and distributed systems.

Roderik van der Graaf currently serves as an advisor to Blocko. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Lemniscap, an investment and advisory firm in the blockchain space. Prior to founding Lemniscap, Roderik served as Managing Director of Caldera Pacific Capital for 3 years.

Wan Beom Kim has served for the last 5 years as CEO of Blocko and is also the Founder. His prior experience with development primarily focused on database management systems.

Jane Lee has spent the last 2 years serving as CSO at Blocko. Previously, she spent over 6 years as a Strategy Manager at Accenture in South Korea.

Alison Shim is currently the CIO at Blocko. She too joined the company after leaving Accenture, where she spent 5 years serving as a Strategy Consultant.

On the advisory side, Founding Partner of FBG, Vincent Zhou, is providing expert support to the project.

AERGO ICO Strengths and Opportunities

Much of the fundamental tech behind AERGO derives from Coinstack, the private, permissioned enterprise blockchain service offered by parent company Blocko. This core technology is currently used by approximately 40 companies with which Blocko also maintains partnerships, including Korea Exchange, Hyundai Motors and Lotte Card.

AERGO and Coinstack both offer enterprise blockchain platform frameworks. Coinstack, however, is purely private, whereby node providers and applications are self-contained within enterprise organizations. Conversely, AERGO will leverage cloud architectures as well as both public and private blockchain networks, creating an interlinked system that combines the best of both worlds.

Taking into account the real-world needs of current clients, AERGO is designed to provide a comprehensive platform that allows both for proprietary data to remain on a permissioned network while also facilitating exchange of tokenized assets and data with external subsidiaries and service providers via a public chain. The success of Coinstack with enterprise clients affords a high degree of confidence that the team can replicate their success on a larger scale with the next iteration of their blockchain product.

AERGO will leverage existing enterprise clients to encourage integration with the permissionless chain. When clients upgrade to Coinstack 4.0, the tech will be replaced by AERGO so that enterprises will by default have the option to build on and access the public network.

To spur development on the public chain by enterprise software developers, the AERGO Virtual Machine supports an array of programming languages, allowing programmers to code business logic into dApps and smart contracts in SQL, C++, Golang, JavaScript and Python. Toward the aim of maximizing interoperability, AERGO also supports smart contracts on the Ethereum network via EVM.

AERGO ICO Weaknesses and Threats

The application of blockchain technology in the enterprise realm is quickly picking up pace. Major tech companies such as Microsoft, IBM and SAP have already developed blockchain products specifically for enterprise implementation. Products like SAP’s Cloud Platform Blockchain Services, which recently entered the market, pose potential competition.

Yet at this nascent stage in the development and application of blockchain technology, there are a multitude of factors that could play into the hands of players like AERGO. The prospect of a platform that bridges permissed and permissionless chains is relatively novel in the space, and combined with the feature of interoperability, could greatly expand the usage of distributed ledger technology beyond current applications which are limited to self-contained networks.

As a leading provider of blockchain services in the Korean market, AERGO also benefits from an existing clientele of major companies using Coinstack who will soon by default have the ability to utilize the permissionless chain.

The Verdict on the AERGO ICO

The AERGO ICO offers a product that combines the best of both private and public blockchains into one package. Features including interoperability, ease of integration and an array of tools and services developed to meet the demands of existing clients make AERGO a strong contender in the realm of enterprise blockchain development solutions.

Additional Information

We have been in discussions with the AERGO ICO team and our ratings are based on conversations and information that they have asked us to keep confidential. Please note that our review does take into consideration the token data that has been shared with us, but we have been specifically requested not to share the token metrics that we have seen at this point. We will share them as soon as they are made available by the team.

The AERGO ICO team has a Telegram Group at for more immediate updates.

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